Nikola Zarić was born in Vienna, his roots are in the Republic of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina). He has been playing the accordion since he was 7 years old when he was immersed in the world of folk music while taking accordion lessons. Three years later, at the Radosavljević music school, he encountered classical music for the first time.

After graduating from the music high school, he began studying classical music on the harmonica. During his studies, Nikola for the first time really entered the world of world music of mixed genres such as jazz, samba, shoro, klezmer, tango and oriental music, which led him to develop several authentic projects in this scene (Invisible World Quartet, Duo Turumtay Zarić, Duo Vila Madalena, …).

In the world music scene he is recognized as one of the famous, innovative, young artists who push the boundaries with their deep knowledge and mastery of their instrument.

Raised and studied in the world of folk music and winner of numerous prizes at international competitions, Nikola creates an unusual, colorful and interesting character in his profile as an accordion player, forming the first orchestra for international celebrations at the age of only 17.

The audience from the territory of the former Yugoslavia considers him a musically meticulous and precise performer with special expression in the performance of folk music.

In addition to concert performances, Nikola is also involved in educational work. He teaches at the “Online Accordion Academy”, at “Online Music School Schwarz” and offers private individual accordion and piano lessons.

Let me play for you and you will understand me!

Nikola Zaric
Nikola Zarić